Premium Iron Wok Pan 11.8 Inch

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The Premium made in Japan Iron Pan is made out of extremely durable and strong iron. Using a nitriding surface treatment makes the pan corrosion and heat resistant. The strong iron holds on to heat extremely well. The pan is naturally non-stick which enables you to start cooking right away without the need of pre seasoning the pan.


  • Non Toxic
  • PFOA and Chemical Free    
  • Light and Easy to handle
  • Heats evenly: better taste
  • Non stick, easy to clean 
  • Long life span 
  • Eco-friendly 
  • Suitable for all hob types including induction 

Health Benefits - Non chemical 

Iron is essential to the body and has great health benefits. The Premium Iron pan increases your body's iron content. The pan is PFAS-Free and doesn’t contain any harmful toxic chemicals. 

Heats evenly

Even heating is extremely important for your food to brown better, vegetables to cook faster and your dish to taste better. The Premium Iron Pan is ideal to increase your cooking result because it holds and distributes heat perfectly 

Adds Iron to Your Food 

Iron is essential to the body and has great health benefits. The Premium Iron Pan increases your body's Iron content.  


  • Size: 18.2 X 11.6 X 4.6  
  • Material: Iron 
  • Weight: 2.4 lb
  • IH compatible 
  • Made in Japan

Product safety association certified product

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