How to care for your Stainless Steel pots

Compatible heat sources:

  • Gas (direct fire)
  • Induction heating
  • Radiant heating
  • Halogen heating
  • Sheathed heating

Before use

Please wash the product thoroughly with detergent, as some dust particles may remain on the surface, due to the manufacturing process.

Product Care

  • Please wash the product with detergent after use.
  • Do not use a dishwasher, as it may cause discolouration or deformation.
  • Do not use metal brushes or polishing powder as it may damage the product.
  • Please store the product appropriately once it is dry.

Handling Instructions 

  • Do not leave this product submerged in water, as it may cause it to rust.
  • Leaving a product with a salty or acidic residue, and further storing it in a humid environment, may promote rusting.
  • When applying a high heat, the pot may change colour, however this is not harmful. (This change in colour is due to a chemical reaction between that of metal and oxygen. If you want to adjust the colour, try boiling some vinegar in the pot, as it may help with discolouration.)
  • Avoid washing the product while it is still very hot, as the product may deform.
  • An IH cooker will rapidly heat up stainless steel, so therefore, apply a low to medium heat.
  • Please do not use this product for tempura or deep frying, as temperatures over 200 degree Celsius may cause it to blaze.

If the product consists of wooden parts:

  1. Avoid using the product if you find any cracks on the wooden components, or if the handle is loose. 
  2. Please do not keep any food in the pot once it is cooked, as it may cause corrosion. 
  3. When you apply a direct flame, please make sure that it is not touching the wooden handle. 

If you use an induction heater (IH)

  1. Please do not apply a very high heat with an induction heater.
  2. Please maintain a low to medium heat level, as high heat may cause the product to deform.
  3. Avoid heating up the product without any food in the pan, as it may cause discolouration and deformation. 
  4. Avoid adding very small amounts of oil when the product is very hot and when the pan is empty, as it could cause a fire.
  5. Make sure to place the product in the right position. 


*Stainless steel pots are available as a set or as individual purchases of the Stainless Steel 9.0 Inch pot and the Stainless Steel 8.3 Inch pot 

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