Toxic Nonstick?

Are ‘Nonstick Pans’ toxic?

Teflon pans, commonly referred to as nonstick frying pans and sauce-pans in the cookware family, are coated with a material called polytetra-fluoroethylene (PTFE), also known as Teflon.

A synthetic chemical composed of carbon and fluorine atoms, votes these pans as the popular choice for most home-cooks, due to their almost frictionless surface. Making clean-up a breeze, and the amount of fat used kept to a minimum, it’s easy to forget that Teflon is in fact a toxic material made ‘commercially safe to use and consume’, just like that of trans-fats and artificial colors and flavors.

Although companies will ensure that most of the carcinogenic chemicals are eliminated when manufacturing their cookware, small amounts still remain. This becomes an issue when home-cooks overheat their pans. If a non-stick pan is overheated the coating begins to break down and toxic particles enter your food.

Although non-stick pans are often cheap, there are better and safer alternatives. Cheap cookware, especially when concerning the likes of pans, is a gamble with your health. Best bet is to invest in a good quality iron pan that will not only prevent such consequences, but will outlast any Teflon product by tenfold.

*For a quality alternative to a Teflon pan, try the Premium Iron 11.8 Inch pan or the Silver Edition 10.4 Inch Iron pan

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