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AUS Series Knife Set

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  • Chef Knife - 8.3 Inch / 210mm
  • Santoku Knife - 6.7 Inch / 170mm
  • Slicing Knife - 8.3 Inch / 210mm


  • Handmade in Seki Japan 
  • Core Blade: AUS8 (Aichi Steel Co. original) 
  • Blade Sides: SUS410 three-layer steel (both sides) 
  • Handle: Water resistant plywood 


Chef Knife 牛刀

An all-rounder, the Japanese equivalent of the classic French Chef’s Knife. Ideal for cutting meat but can also be used for vegetables and fish. Gyuto (牛刀) translated means “a cow sword” as the knife was originally designed for cutting larger pieces of beef. - Blade length: 8.3 Inches / 210mm 

Santoku Knife 三徳

Multi-purpose Japanese knife. Santoku (三徳) translated means “three virtues” - ideal for cutting vegetables but can also be used for meat and fish. The compact size of the blade makes it ideal for precision slicing & chopping. - Blade length: 6.7 Inches / 170mm 

Slicing Knife  柳刃

Traditional Japanese knife with a long and thin blade. Used for cutting thin slices of raw fish / sushi. The narrow blade can cut smoothly without sawing and damaging any fibers. Can also be used for cutting thin slices of meat. - Blade length: 8.3 Inches / 210mm

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