Nakano Knives

Magnetic Knife Stand

$99.00 $120.00

If you are looking for a convenient and stylish storage solution for your kitchen knives, our magnetic knife stand is the ideal option. The surface is ideal to protect your blades and at the same time showcasing your beautiful Nakano Knives. 

Who doesn’t like to be complimented or asked about their knives when you are having friends over for dinner? The high end bamboo material makes the magnetic knife stand together with your knives a visually pleasing addition to your kitchen. 

  • Easy to access in a matter of seconds 
  • Safe and proper storage 
  • Aesthetically pleasing 

Product specifications 

  • Material: bamboo 
  • Function: magnetic  
  • Size: 11.8 X 9.2 X 4.5 Inches 

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