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Micarta Knife Set


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  • Handmade in Seki Japan 
  • Core Blade: VG-10  
  • Blade Sides: Damascus 33 layers 
  • Handle: Linen Micarta with bolster 
  • HRC hardness: 60-61

Chef Knife 牛刀
An all-rounder, the Japanese equivalent of the classic French Chef’s Knife. Ideal for cutting meat but can also be used for vegetables and fish. Gyuto (牛刀) translated means “a cow sword” as the knife was originally designed for cutting larger pieces of beef. - Blade length: 8.3 Inches / 210mm 

Slicing Knife  柳刃
Traditional Japanese knife with a long and thin blade. Used for cutting thin slices of raw fish / sushi. The narrow blade can cut smoothly without sawing and damaging any fibers. Can also be used for cutting thin slices of meat. - Blade length: 8.3 Inches / 210mm

Utility Knife 120
Perfect for precision cutting and detailed food preparation. 

Handmade in Seki, Japan
This knife was handmade using ancient japanese crafting techniques passed on for generations.

Blade Details
Our Micarta Series are crafted by our master artisans with high standard craftsmanship in Seki city Japan. The core blade is made out of VG-10 high carbon Damascus steel containing cobalt. The 33 layers of extremely durable Damascus with a hardness of 60 - 61 provide you with an excellent cutting experience. 

The Micarta handle is made with high pressured resin and hemp cutton cloth. It is fire and water proof. The Japanese straight line form is crafted with an elegant contour lining. Highly skilled craftsman have measured the handle along ergonomics to provide the highest comfort when using the knife. 

Damascus is a technique by melting together iron and steel with charcoal under a reducing (little to no oxygen) atmosphere. 

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