Nakano Knives

19C27 Gyuto215


Blade Details
Our handmade Nakano Gyuto 215 is crafted by our master artisans with high standard craftsmanship in Seki city Japan. The core blade is made out of stainless steel with 45 layers of extremely durable Damascus steel.

The handle is made of high-quality Mahogany wood and has 8 angles. Number eight is considered a lucky number and called “Suehirogari” in Japan. Traditionally the Japanese Samurai sword, “Katana” also had 8 angles as it provides the user with strength.

Sharp-edged blade
The core material, stainless steel together with its 45 multilayer Damascus stacked on both sides, provides the blade with high rigidity, toughness, and durability. Experienced craftsmen who traditionally created the Samurai swords for the Japanese emperor passed their know-how and techniques from generation to generation which is now used to craft the beautiful blades of the Nakano Gyuto 215 knife.


  • Blade length: 215mm 
  • Blade type: Double bevel blade 
  • Item weight: 169g 
  • Place of origin: Japan


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