Ana Sandee

Ana, @Colofulfoodie

Ana (a.k.a. @Colorfulandcurly) has amassed a following of over 750k on her instagram page ‘@Colofulfoodie’, by sharing simplified and healthy recipes, in the company of an infectiously positive enthusiastic frame of mind. Devoted to health promotion, physical rehabilitation and wellness, Ana strives to instil in her followers the potential for a positive behavior change. She does so, by encouraging her audience to adapt to a healthier lifestyle, all while still maintaining and inspiring for a positive outlook on life. 

Before having gotten married, Ana was left without even knowing how to get a pot of water to reach a boil. Though through many failed attempts and much resilience, she managed to consistently improve and become an expert in the kitchen. This inspired her to create a log book of her recipes, so as not to forget the recipe itself, and how it came to be. It is by means of this series of events that the ‘Colorful Foodie’ blog and instagram account came to fruition. 

It is of no surprise then, that it came as a natural instinct for Ana to further incorporate her Brazilian roots in her newfound love for cooking. Brazilian born, Ana’s ‘@brazilianfusion’ instagram page promotes healthy living by providing “healthified” alternatives to traditional Brazilian cuisine. Inspired by personal travels, her own cultural background, and the people she encounters on a daily basis, she is able to tap into the curiosity of the unknown, all whilst integrating aspects of it into dishes that are familiar and to her liking. 

By further implementing wholesome eating, Ana sees no need to restrict oneself to the pleasures of life, especially when consumed in moderation. Having branded her account by the words of “Count Colors, Not Calories!”, the content shared on her page supports a well-balanced lifestyle. By that, she takes her audience along for all the “healthified” meals, workouts and guilty pleasures. Through this, she swears not only do we become a better self, but we exude a more positive outlook on life, that benefits anyone and everyone that may come our way. 

Feeling inspired to get (back) into the kitchen? Check out Ana's website for some deliciously simple, yet creative recipes. 

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