Matthew Hranek

Matt Hranek, @wmbrownproject

Matt Hranek, author of The Negroni: A Love Affair with a Classic Cocktail, A Man & His Watch, and A Man & His Car, is former Men’s Style Editor of Condé Nast Traveler and current Director and Founder/Editor of the all men’s lifestyle magazine Wm Brown. With a talent for taste and an infectious spirit enough to make all appreciate more the pleasures in life, Matt is a part-time photographer and traveller and full-time curator and enthusiast of all sorts pertaining to bespoke suits, fine cigars, classic Negronis and simply delicious meals. 

A treasure of a magazine that one keeps on their coffee table, Wm Brown came to fruition with the direction of his wife Yolanda Edwards, former Creative Director at Condé Nast Traveler. “An unpredictable collection of many types of men”, Wm Brown is a glossy print men’s lifestyle magazine inspired by that of the men in Matt’s life. For their confidence, purpose and appetite for life itself, are admirable attributes Matt aims to carry on to future generations. 



Having filled a gap in the market for what once was an amalgamation of several men’s magazines into one noteworthy copy, Matt is now soon to be publishing his next book, titled ‘Martini’. Motivated to continue growing into and moving forward with what it means to be a Wm Brown man, he suggests that there are plentiful men who seek similar information, tips and quality content on all things food, clothes, cars, hunting and travel related. Making strides for future generations, Matt most passionately outlines life’s simple pleasures and off-the-beaten path tips, while bridging and amplifying commonalities amongst all. For more information regarding the WM Brown project, head on over to his website here

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