AZFoothills X Nakano Knives ~ Rediscover Your Passion for Cooking

AZ Foothills Names Akos One of the Best Apps of 2017 - Akos

It’s this time last year, when our Instagram feeds were only starting to become inundated with batches of sourdough, to a point where yeast shortages had become the new normal. While voluntarily taking 15 minutes to whip up the ‘dalgona coffee’ was a justifiable form of exercise,  with gyms being closed.

Stocking up on groceries and toilet paper like never before, we were eager to start dabbling in new and adventurous recipes to pass time that was once spent at restaurants, theatres, and clubs. 

One year later, however, people who aren’t quite used to cooking 3 meals a day, are experiencing cooking-fatigue. Truth be told, even people who have always loved cooking are encountering a gastronomic plateau. Having been pushed outside our comfort zones of what once was a coffee to go, take-out at lunch, and the weekly night out with friends, it’s easy to understand why the novelty and the initial excitement of cooking has simply returned to being a chore.  

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"Nothing says I love you better than a real sharp knife"

Chef Michael Ruhlman