Bev Weidner

Bev Weidner, @bevcooks

Bev Weidner, mom of twins and full-time blogger to over 70k on Instagram (@bevcooks) is a woman of many talents, entertaining her audience on a weekly basis with her cooking skills, lifestyle projects, and her charming yet sassy personality. Having fallen in love with the art of cooking after quitting her job back in 2010, she started blogging in order to keep herself occupied, whilst trying to find her passion in life. Little did she know that the craft of blogging in all its glory, between the photographing, cooking and sharing experience among a passionate community, would be her calling. 

Now having written and photographed for various well known publications such as The Food Network, Tablespoon, What To Expect, Chinet, and Hey Mama, she has even had the pleasure of speaking at blogging conferences and events from coast to coast. Available to find on her blog and socials a plethora of tasty and amusing recipes, fun DIY projects and an occasional glimpse of her life as a mom with twin toddlers, Bev who once proclaimed that “(I) was pouring a jar of janky pasta sauce over gummy, lumpy spaghetti”, is now an inspiration and a joy to watch and learn from. 

To learn more about Bev and her wildly delicious recipes, you can further browse her blog.

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