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Jenny Rosenstrach, @dinneralovestory

Jenny Rosenstrach, ubiquitously known as a NY Times Bestselling author and founding editor of the Dinner: A Love Story blog, is a parent who is committed to helping and inspiring fellow “providers” in continuously putting out family dinners that are deliciously easy and simple. We know all too well the situation Jenny refers to when she says “your kids refuse to eat anything, your fridge is full but your brain is blank, you don’t know how to cook, you have no desire to cook, you have a big project due tomorrow, you have no help with the cooking or the planning, you can’t even get everyone seated at the table at the same time, let alone eating the same meal”.   It is for that reason that she is passionate about building up confidence amongst her following, so that when parents encounter the all too familiar questions that is, “What should I make for the family tonight?”, they know in themselves that they can handle it. 

Jenny was also once in that very situation of self-doubt, being a full-time working mother from 2001 to 2009, all the while commuting to the office. Prior to having children, she was well-versed with Betty Crocker cakes and garlic with the McCormick label, which wasn’t quite redeemable when she became a working mother. However, through trial and error in strategy and with support from her husband, she managed to not only optimize her time, but to become a great chef in the process, further editing food features for the likes of Bon Appetit, Martha Stewart Living and Real Simple.  

Her best poorly-kept secret? Family dinner is a mindset. The more you slack off, the easier it is to get yourself stuck in a rut that is increasingly more difficult to escape from. It is with this spirit, that she encourages her readers to consistently provide home-cooked meals for their children, as naturally “it will become second-nature, (as) youll get to (experience) all the pleasures and dividends a family meal can yield”. 

Simply put, Jenny is a person who fell in love with the art of family dinners! As a result, she chooses to dedicate her time to helping fellow parents replace what they once used to refer to as participating in a mundane routine, with the opportunity to continuously discover all the pleasures that comes with consistently providing for the one’s you love. 

To further read up on Jenny and the delicious recipes she crafts, you can browse her website here.

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