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Lisa He, @borderlandsbakery


Lisa He, winner of Food Network’s Christmas Cookie Challenge (season 2, episode 5), has made appearances on Netflix and several other noteworthy publications, in response to her creative talent for baking and decorating remarkably unique cookies.  Founder and CEO of Borderlands Bakery, a cookie making resource for those seeking tips, recipes and classes, comes together via online platforms publishing small business content, classes and products for purchase. What had started out as a sugar cookie business, is now a growing community for those with shared interests in all that is baking. 

Growing up as a first generation immigrant, Lisa experienced many pressures persuading her to pursue a successful academic career. It was then during college  when studying an engineering degree, where she had first resorted to baking as a way of coping with stress. Quickly becoming her new-found hobby, she continued to practice her love for baking, whilst proceeding with a career in biotech. Soon after, her social media started gaining popularity as she passionately encouraged others to practice their own hobbies, while also fostering an educational feature via her channel. It is through this groundwork that Borderlands Bakery was born.



Today, Lisa has now dedicated herself full-time to operating Borderlands Bakery, in which she is committed to serving her enthusiastic following. Using her resources and expertise, she is motivated to stir up a positive impact on others by helping bakers from all walks of life improve their skills and further grow their own small businesses. Whether through free mentorship opportunities, or donating a portion of her proceeds to charities that support inclusivity and diversity, Lisa continues to inspire change. Head on over to Borderlands Bakery to keep up to date on all courses and products offered.

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