Nakano | Connecting East & West 

We want to connect the East & West and bring high quality Japanese Knives to the West. We have an international presence and set high standards both in terms of quality as well as design. 

We want to let our customers enjoy the amazing experience of cutting with Japanese knives and using the sharpest blades in the world. Our knives are forged in the city of Seki Japan which has a long tradition of Japanese knife making. First founded in 1918 through a long history of Japanese Katana (sword) making, our blacksmith brings generations of sword-smith experience into blending and crafting extremely sharp and durable kitchen knives. 

We have always valued the input of professional chefs to continuously improve our products and keep up with innovation. The chefs we work with have been known for using one of the toughest and sharpest knives in the world and created a global standard for high quality knives used in the most renowned restaurants in the world.