Ambassador Challenge - Information

Things you may be asking yourself

What do I have to do?


Three easy steps: Sign up on the form, upload your fruit sculpture on the 9th of April and collect votes!
How do I win the prizes?


The winners are chosen based on votes. You will receive a custom link to your post, where your followers can vote for you. If your followers participate in the challenge, they will be able to give you a supervote (worth 10 votes) upon uploading their post. To increase your chances of winning, share your post on as many social platforms as possible. (E.g. Instagram, Facebook, TikTok etc.)
When can I start to invite my followers to the challenge?


One week prior to the launch we will send you a link which can be used to invite your followers to sign up. When you receive this link you can announce the fruit cutting challenge and ask your followers and friends to sign up. Once the fruit cutting challenge is live (April 9th) they will be able to submit their work as well. When your followers submit their work they will be able to give you a supervote (10 votes).
What is the difference between the Ambassador challenge and the Public challenge?


They are essentially the same challenge, except that we selected specific people to participate as Ambassadors, enabling them to win the Ambassador prizes. You will still be eligible to win the prizes of the public challenge.
Who is invited for the Ambassador prizes? Are these prizes accessible to everyone?


You have to be invited to be eligeable for the Ambassador prizes (if you are reading this, you have been invited). Invitations are exclusively handled by our partner agency NC Media Group.
When will I receive my prizes?


The prizes will be prepared and sent right after the challenge ends on the 18th of April. The 1-week trip to Japan will be scheduled as soon as possible depending on the COVID-19 restrictions.
Will I get paid for this?


A fixed compensation is not planned for this challenge. We are however open to discuss potential collaborations after the challenge.
When will the challenge start and end?


The challenge will start on the 9th of April and end on the 18th. You are encouraged to post your result on the 9th.
What is included in the 1-week trip to Japan?


  • 2x first class flights (round-trip) to Tokyo Narita International Airport
  • 6 day stay (for two) at the Ritz Carlton in Akasaka Tokyo
  • 5 dinners (for two) at Michelin star restaurants in Tokyo (Sukiyabashi Jiro, Ishikawa Kagurazaka, Makiyaki Ginza Onodera, Inua, Imafuku)
How can i keep up with the status of my post?


During the challenge, wou will be able to see the votes your posts receives and how others are doing in the feed


Next to the rewards of the public challenge, you have been exclusively invited as an ambassador (this form) which means that you will also be eligible to the prices below.

1st place

2nd place

3rd place

Public prizes

These are the challenge prizes that all other participants can win. You still get these as well.

50+ Votes

200+ votes

1000+ votes

  • BFF Bill & Bob (12min)

  • The Millers Family (20min)

  • Henry the Hungry Shark (15 min)

  • Always Happy Danny (10min)

  • Apple Love Swans (7min)

  • The 3 Musketeers (5min)

Most sculputres take less than 20min to make, but being creative will get you extra votes!