Nakano Knives

Paring Knife Set 3X


The beautifully crafted Nakano Paring Knife is the perfect tool for peeling, slicing and other precise food preparation tasks. The small, sharp blade and compact size is intended to make regular tasks such as cutting, trimming and slicing much easier and more precise. 

  • Handmade in Seki, Japan. This knife was handmade using ancient japanese crafting techniques passed on for generations. 
  • Strong and durable Japanese steelThe ultra strong and beautiful blade crafted by our master artisans will make sure that this knife will last for multiple generations

  • Extremely sharp blade. The handmade in Japan Nakano Paring knife with its high standard of craftsmanship will provide you with a cutting experience you have never experienced before. The extremely sharp blade will effortlessly sail through your food

  • Water resistant non-slip handleWhen you cut food, you don't want your hand to get tired. The handle of the paring knife is ergonomically designed to provide you with perfect control and safety while cutting

Common uses for paring knives 


  • Peeling
  • Coring
  • Slicing
  • Testing tenderness 
  • Crushing garlic 
  • Skinning mushrooms 
  • Mincing herbs 
  • Removing seeds 

Meat and fish 

  • Shucking oysters 
  • Testing tenderness of meat 
  • Carving small carcasses such as poultry 
  • Trimming far from meat 
  • Scoring meat 
  • Filleting fish 
  • Deveining prawns 


  • Paring knife: 3X 
  • Blade crossing: 3.5 inches (88.9mm)
  • Blade material: Molybdenum stainless steel
  • Handle material: ABS resin book thread

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