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Forged in Seki, Japan, our blacksmiths bring about generations worth of sword-smith making experience in crafting extremely sharp, durable and user-friendly kitchen knives. Such techniques and the strong spirit that accompanies the knife capital of Japan, is bound by over 800 years of history and practice. Having settled in Seki for its wealth in natural resources, Motoshige and Kaneshige, the two pioneer samurai sword-smiths, brought about innovation and passion, which has trickled down to present days’ international cutlery trade. Celebrated to this day for its extremely detailed craftsmanship unparalleled to western born products, Nakano Knives continue to embody the essence home to vibrant Seki City.


By means of superior craftsmanship, masters along with their teams of skilled individuals, begin production by forging rough blocks of steel blanks, natural to Seki’s rich landscapes. Pounding them via a power hammer and then quenching them in cold water, further strengthens the metal as the process is repeated until all fatal flaws are eliminated. This makes for a preferred knife with a shared consistent hardness throughout the blade, encouraging an ease when slicing through foods, reminiscent of the waves in the pacific. 

The knives are then exposed to a furnace in order to be kilned. Bringing them into contact with high temperatures and then introducing them to a cooling process, further establishes the blades’ hardness. This is due to the molecular rearrangement activity within the framework of the metal hardware, proving for a durable blade unbothered by temperature variations and hard surfaces.

The following steps of sharpening and detailing are executed manually by skillful Masters with years of training, making for an exceptionally unique and flawless product, rare to industrial practice. By levelling and polishing the knife, the handle can then be attached. Final laser engravings and features are subsequently performed, prior to a final inspection. The box is then ultimately made ready for order in the heart of Japan, to facilitate worldwide shipping. 

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