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Bri Baker @platingqueen

Bri Baker aka “plating queen” astonishes everyone with her exceptional food presentation skills! The experiments she can do on a blank canvas are what makes her most creative. The youngest female contestant of Master Chef Season 10 is always on the lookouts for creative outlets wherein she could bring out her creativity. And it is for this reason, that you could see Bri Baker incorporating her chemistry skills even in cooking through her molecular gastronomy techniques. 

Though she has several passions ranging from piano to science to foreign language studies, her most favourite is cooking which she learned on her own.  In the words of Bri Baker “food is multi-dimensional and the possibilities are endless. Experimenting with textures, taste, height is what makes her excited”. 

Because of her extensive travels with her family during her earlier years, Bri Baker has gained a wide knowledge of fine dining and presentation. At age 14, she even started her cooking journey as she was hired as a hostess at a popular French restaurant.

With her stint in Season 10 Master Chef US over, she is now ready to take on newer opportunities that life throws upon her. 

Currently, she provides food styling and food photography services for local Dallas businesses while providing meal prep services in uptown.

To learn more about Bri Baker and her latest culinary ventures, you can further visit her website here.

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