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Emma Bengtsson, @emma._bengtsson

Emma Bengtsson, two-time Michelin star ‘Executive Chef’ at New York’s Aquavit is a pioneering force within the fine dining industry. Having grown up in a small town on the west coast of Sweden she familiarized herself with the pleasures of cooking while enjoying her grandmother’s home-cooked meals. Having pursued a study at the International Restaurant School in Stockholm, Emma then started to establish a career by working at some of Sweden’s most celebrated restaurants, including that of two-time Michelin starred Edsbacka Krog, Prinsen and Operakällaren. 

Moving to New York City after having been recruited as a ‘Pastry Chef’ by Aquavit’s former ‘Executive Chef’ Marcus Jernmark, Emma quickly shed her talent by reinventing the already distinctive menu, taking inspiration from that of both Sweden and the city. Amplifying Aquavit’s appetite for local produce, subjected to both traditional Scandinavian and innovative cooking techniques, Emma and her colleagues flourished among the New York dining scene. It was during this time that the restaurant had been awarded its first Michelin star. 



It was then in 2014, four years after serving as ‘Executive Pastry Chef’, that Emma became Aquavit’s ‘Executive Chef’. Under her leadership and direction, the restaurant has been awarded with a second Michelin star. This has made her the first Swedish female Chef to hold two Michelin stars, and second female Chef in the U.S to have been awarded such distinction. 

Recently having released a book with American Express and several other internationally decorated Chefs titled ‘Green Edition: American Express Presents 14 Renowned Chefs and Their Plant-Based Recipes For A Healthier Life’, Emma continues to set and push forward a driven and inspiring profile for all. Acknowledging the hard work, she has and continues to put into her craft, many look to her as an example of not settling for your dreams. Motivating all to “stand up for themselves and their dream”, Emma continues to be a leading and influential force in and outside of the kitchen. For more updates on Emma’s projects, check out her personal Instagram here.

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