Michelin Chef Steven Meese

We are proud to have collaborated with Steven Meese on creating the Nakano 2020 Cookbook.

In this cookbook International Michelin Chef Steven Meese, presents twenty Japanese recipes in a way that will immerse you into the experience of being a Japanese cook yourself. Trained in the best restaurants in the world, the renowned chef helps you learn more about Japanese cuisine so that you can relive the experience from home. 

Chef Meese has been trained in some of the world’s best restaurants such as Alinea, Jean Georges, Café Boulud, and the Betterment under the guidance of celebrity chefs such as Daniel Boulud and Jean Georges. Furthermore, Meese has exhibited his culinary talents at events such as James Beard Celebrity Chef dinners and others where he gained much traction. Throughout his travels, he has also worked with Grant Achatz and Jason Atherton who are some of the world’s most respected chefs. He also appeared at some of the world’s largest events and wine & food shows including NYC, Charleston, Napa, Euphoria and this past year he was honoured as guest celebrity at Disney’s Epcot International Wine and Food show. 

Known for the PBS”s series, A chef’s journey, Steven Meese with his passion for varied food is a true creative mind to look up to. He is a chef, presenter, entertainer, and television personality. He has achieved several feats like starting his own national podcast, ‘Behind the plate’. Here he explains the various techniques, tips, and methods employed by him to elevate the flavour and taste of dishes which the listeners wish to make.

Currently, Meese is based in London and working at Pollen Street Social under the guidance of Jason Atherton. Jason Atherton is a British chef and restaurateur. His restaurant Pollen Street Social gained a Michelin Star in 2011, its opening year. He was the Executive Chef at Gordon Ramsay’s Michelin starred Maze in London until 30 April 2010.

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