Bill Oakley

Bill Oakley, @thatbilloakley

Proclaimed by ‘The Wrap’ publication as “The Gordon Ramsay of Fast Food”, Bill Oakley has become a persona synonymous with that of 60-second fast food review content on platforms such as Instagram (@thatbilloakley) and Twitter (@thatbilloakley). Boasting thousands of views and followers on both channels, his videos offer a fresh kick of humor, making them extremely entertaining to watch, all while still unapologetically delivering authentic critique, valuable to those looking for their next fast food pursuit. 

Having been awarded multiple ‘Primetime Emmy Awards’, in addition to a ‘Writers Guild Award’ and a ‘Peabody Award’, Bill is recognized for his work as a television writer and producer for the animated comedy series ‘The Simpsons’. One of the most honored television writers and producers in the United States, Bill has voiced his creative wit for talent as a co-executive producer on Netflix’s ‘Disenchantment’, among other series and projects. 

Now sharing his flair for creative and engaging comment on social media, he has diverted his focus to reviewing new and famed fast food menu items across America. First choosing a restaurant, followed by then choosing an item or two, he next swiftly delivers a digestible critique that is both informative, intriguing, and positively hilarious. Merging a love for food and entertainment, Bill’s content is both sincere, lively and comical, making him an original and exceptional talent adored by thousands on and off social media.

To learn more about @thatbilloakley make sure to check out his Instagram here

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