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Lillie Biesinger, @lillieeatsandtells

With over 210k followers on Instagram (@lillieeatsandtells), Lillie Biesinger uses her platform to share recipes which are light, filling and delicious! Whilst still living life to the fullest by not obsessing over her daily food intake, she practices a balanced diet by incorporating nutritious and healthy ingredients into meals she already loves. Introducing the term ‘counting macros’ to her followers, being a practice of tracking the amount of grams you consume in each macronutrient, whilst further accounting for the amount of calories you consume per day, she further stresses its benefits of being a sustainable and enjoyable way to hit your fitness goals.

Based on the advice of one of her friends she decided to try macro-counting. She soon hired ‘Amber from Biceps after Babies’, which helped her stay accountable to someone throughout the trial run of testing this new lifestyle hack and routine. Lillie ended up staying with Amber for 12 weeks, having felt comforted and motivated by their relationship, a collaborative custom set plan of macros was detailed. This further made the process of acquiring this new habit and skill more attainable.

“Food was fuel”. Quickly adapting, the mathematical outlook to this lifestyle allows you to still enjoy the meals you crave, without ever sensing that feeling of guilt or deprivation that comes with dieting.

Now building a community of thousands with others in mind, she is a steady voice of reason when motivating her followers with that same comfort and excitement that she initially felt when working with Amber. A wife and mother to four children in Southern California, Lillie continues to share delicious and satisfying recipes for the entire family to enjoy, all the while actively making the shift to macro-counting for her following an enjoyable experience. In an engaging and genuine way Lillie shares insights about family, health and nutrition and fosters a positive spirit among the wellness & lifestyle enthusiasts. By helping to nurture a good relationship with food, health and life itself she not only communicates but actively helps her community to stay healthy and enjoy the journey at the same time.

To learn more about macro-counting and the benefits reaped when maintaining a balanced lifestyle, visit Lillie Biesinger's blog Lillie Eats & Tells here

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