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Maria Emmerich, @mariaemmerich

Maria Emmerich is an international best-selling author, who provides her readers and followers with innovative keto-friendly recipes and digestible explanations of how our bodies function, as a practicing wellness nutritional expert. Available via her blog, personal website and support site, is information regarding brain neurotransmitters and how someone’s food intake can positively or negatively affect one’s mental well-being. Appreciated by actor Halle Berry, Maria has established herself around the world as an expert, leading the conversation on the benefits acquired when one implements a ketogenic diet in their daily life. 

The nutrient-rich diet that Maria has learnt to adopt and further recommend to others, has helped boost her energy levels throughout the day, without the incessant feeling of deprivation that accompanies most fad diets. Having initially limited her intake of carbohydrates, by increasing the intake of nutrient-rich foods (a.k.a. a ketogenic diet),  she was further able to reach and maintain the healthy weight she had always longed for. Due to this discovery, she decided to continue her path along the avenue of pursuing a degree in nutrition and exercise physiology. 

Now passionate about supporting and guiding other people through their own personal health journeys, Maria stresses the importance of limiting and increasing certain food groups, as opposed to resorting to the medical prescription route. “(Her) goal is to help transform people’s lives and start living again”, by implementing educational programs on a personal level that strives for sustaining optimal health. Having advised and supported a range of clients for roughly 20 years, Maria is well-versed in regards to planning and strategizing easy, yet delicious recipes, for newcomers to the ketogenic lifestyle. 

For the ultimate reward of being able to sleep better, feel better, balance one’s hormones and lose  stubborn weight, the ketogenic diet delivers. Keeping you full and satisfied, Maria shows her Instagram following and fellow blog readers, how easy it is not only to practice the diet yourself, but to further take on the way of living as a team, for the benefit of the entire family. 

To learn more about Maria Emmerich's ketogenic diet tips and tricks, you can further visit her website here

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